Crown Gear X-Grip Weight Lifiting Straps

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Increase your reps overnight with our Crown Gear X-Grip Weightlifting Straps.

Our premium padded weightlifting straps are designed to be strong and secure enough for any workout, from your easy lifts to max load dead weights. Made of neoprene and cotton, these straps are comfortable and an excellent way to reduce fatigue in your wrists and hands. Focus on the muscle groups you want to work on instead of those you don’t!

Designed to suit all weightlifters, our straps are easy to use and fit numerous wrist and bar combinations. Cleverly designed cushioning around the wrist makes our weightlifting straps feel good to wear. We’re confident that our straps will improve your workout, allowing you to reach your goals quicker.

Maximize your workout and take it to the next level with Crown Gear X-Grip Weightlifting Straps :

  • Suitable for men and women
  • Padded for extra comfort
  • Fatigue reduction for wrist and hands
  • One size fits most – adjustable 1.5 inch x 22 inch straps
  • Heavy duty, durable fabric